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    Greetings! At the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities I serve as an Associate Professor in History & Higher Education and Project Manager of the Educational Opportunity Association (EOA) Center for Best Education Practices. My home academic department is Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education and Human Development. I teach an undergraduate world history course and workshops for teachers to embed best practices of student engagement, enrichment and academic support within their college courses. My work with the EOA Center is to identify, validate, and disseminate promising and best practices in higher education to increase persistence and academic achievement of historically underrepresented students.

    I investigate the history of postsecondary college access, developmental education, and academic interventions supporting improved student achievement and persistence. I also work with other institutions to share practices that improve academic achievement for their students. At the University of Missouri-Kansas City, I served as Senior Research Fellow for the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, National Project Director of Supplemental Instruction, and Interim Director for the Center for Academic Development. In the mid 1990s I led the National Association for Development Education as president. In 2000, the American Council of Developmental Education Associations selected me for induction as a Founding Fellow of the profession.

    I enjoy making a difference by improving the academic achievement and success of students. My personal mission statement is "equipping others for service." A primary task for me is preparing students for a lifetime of service to community and country. Another dimension of my mission is sharing best practices with others. We do not need to "reinvent the wheel" regarding best educational practices. Instead, we must effectively communicate what already exists to others. Use of the Internet, publications, presentations, and workshops communicates the knowledge to others.

    I welcome your thoughts and comments about my work and would enjoy the opportunity to collaborate. Take care,

    David Arendale

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