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    Paul Harvey Podcast - The Rest of the Story - (S01-E15) The Movie and Music Star Who Almost Wasn't Born

    In this podcast episode, we feature Mr. Paul Harvey and one of his signature radio programs, The Rest of the Story. We in the middle of a six-episode series on American singers who overcame incredible odds to become international stars in the music industry. In this episode, the challenge was faced by the mother of the future performer. This is the third episode in the series. Let us now tune our radio dial to The Rest of the Story and listen to Paul Harvey provide us the back-story and a surprise ending to what I call “The star who almost wasn‘t Born”. The Rest of the Story was a radio program hosted by Paul Harvey beginning during the Second World War on the ABC Radio Networks for many decades. This radio show consisted of stories presented as little-known or forgotten facts on a variety of subjects with some key element of the story held back until the end. So I do not spoil the ending, I will not say anything else about this episode.

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