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Access at Crossroads: Learning Assistance in Higher Ed., D. Arendale   Click this web link to learn about my recent book

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     Access at the Crossroads Blog

    These blog entires identify best practices to increase success for historically-underrepresented college students including excerpts from my book, Access at the CrossroadsClick here to subscribe to this blog.


    Free eBook for teachers and students to create digital stories

    The Changing Story:  Digital stories that participate in transforming teaching & learning by Linda Buturian  Free download as iBook or ePub formats for other devices through this website.

    If you are interested in having your students create digital stories or creating them as part of your learning activities, I recommend the following free eBook.  Linda is a colleague of mine in our academic department at UMN.  I have used principles from this book for digital stories that my students have constructed.  It is a powerful experience for those who create them as well as everyone who views them.

    This truly is a "must read" if you are interested in digital storytelling. Rather than just focusing on shallow techniques to quickly use the latest app to produce a video, the author takes us on the journey through the eyes of students and teachers why this approach is such a powerful and transformative learning experience. This experience occurs for both those who watch as well as those who create them. I enjoyed the embedded video clips from the teachers and samples of student-produced work. Plus the writing style of the author is accessible, enjoyable, and nuanced. Don't miss this book just because it is free.

    Description by the author:  “The Changing Story gives you assignments, resources, and examples to use in your teaching and learning. It will also help you think of ways digital stories can be used in your teaching, and help students harness the power of visual storytelling.  The Changing Story is a free ebook that is downloadable and licensed with Creative Commons.”


    2016 David Arendale's Directory of iPad Apps for Classroom and Personal Use

    2016 David Arendale's Directory of iPad Apps is available for downloading. 

    <Click on this link to download the 2016 directory.>

    The Apple iPad continues to grow with the number of users and the enormous number of apps available for downloading, many of which are free.  The latest count is approaching two million.  My directory contains my favorite 300 I use personally and with my work as a college history professor.  I am excited to see how I experience them on the iPad Pro that I will be purchasing in December. 


    Universal Design for Learning (UDL) via Star Trek

    The three basic principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) are discussed by Captain Kirk and First-Officer Spock. The software used to generate this dialogue was by XtraNormal, which is no longer available.

    Promotion Video for My Global History Course

    This is a promotion video I created to attract higher enrollment in my lower-division undergraduate history course. Many students use an online course guide to make decisions about enrollment. I mixed together images and Power Point slides from my course to create the video through the online service Animoto. <Click this link to see other music history videos that provide short overview of each course topic.> <Click this link to see other resources related to digital story telling including Animoto.>

    David Arendale 2015 Guide to iPad Apps

    David Arendale 2015 guide to iPad Apps

    <Click here to download the directory>

    The Apple iPad continues to grow with the number of users and the enormous number of apps available for downloading, many of which are free.  The latest count is over 1.2 million.  My directory contains my favorite 300 I use personally and with my work as a college history professor.


    MAEOPP Center 2015 Best Education Practices Directory

    MAEOPP Center 2015 Best Education Practices Directory

    <Click here to download PDF>

    Copyright ©2015 by Mid-America Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (MAEOPP) and the University of Minnesota by its College of Education and Human Development, Department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning, Minneapolis, MN.

    MAEOPP is pleased to release the 2015 directory of peer-reviewed education practices approved by the MAEOPP Center for Best Education Practices.  Each practice has undergone a rigorous external review process.  This directory contains those approved at the promising and validated levels.  Readers can use this publication as a guide for implementing the evidence-based education strategies contained within it.  Detailed information about the education practice purposes, educational theories that guide the practice, curriculum outlines, resources needed for implementation, evaluation process, and contact information are  provided by the submitters of the practice who have practical experience implementing it. Consider using them with current programs and in grant submissions that require evidence-based practices to improve student success.

    The thirteen practices approved thus far by the MAEOPP Center represent each of the five major TRIO grant programs: Educational Talent Search, Upward Bound, Educational Opportunity Centers, Student Support Services, and Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Programs.  One practice is from a GEAR UP program.  For readers unfamiliar with TRIO programs, a short history is provided.  While the education practices come from TRIO and GEAR UP programs, they could be adapted for use with nearly any student academic support and student development program.  These programs are incubators of best practices to serve the needs of historically underrepresented students and the general student population as well.


    Promising GEAR-UP Practice Added: High School Financial Literacy

    High School Financial Literacy GEAR-UP Students.  Wichita State University (approved Promising Practice October 31, 2014).  Strong financial knowledge is important to people of all ages.  Finance makes a difference in our lives both on a short and long term basis. It effects how we interpret everyday life and analyze information.  Improved financial literacy, particularly early in life, results in a higher standard of living over the long term, aids in career choices and helps determine retirement savings.  Providing young people with the knowledge, skills, and opportunity to establish healthy financial futures is far preferable to having to provide credit repair or debt management services later on in their lives (M.S. Sherraden, 2013).   Kansas Kids @ GEAR UP (KKGU) designed an online high school financial literacy program based on the National Standards for K-12 Personal Finance Education created by Jump$tart.    The high school program consists of six components that teach students financial knowledge in financial responsibility, income and careers, planning and money, credit and debt, risk management and insurance, and saving and investing.

    The goal is to ensure seniors do not graduate without a basic knowledge of finance.  The design of the program begins with an introduction to financial literacy, which includes a pre-test to assess the students’ knowledge of financial literacy.  After completing each module students must be pass a multiple choice test with a score 80% or better before advancing to the next module.  The program randomly selects questions and their multiple-choice answers so that students cannot copy down answers to pass each test without reviewing the modules again.  Instead of a posttest, the questions that are asked throughout the six module tests serve as comparison questions for the pre test instead of students taking a separate posttest.  <Click on this link to downlad the best education practice.>